Saturday, January 7, 2012

YouTube Girl Crushin'

I've been thinking about this post for a while now - I was a bit weary of writing it as I don't want to seem stalkerish. [What a great intro] but, I decided that errbody deserves bigging up/recognition! And, even though I haven't met any of the people i'll be taking about, I do watch them on a daily basis :).

I promise i'm not a stalker. Or a voyeur. Or anything else sketchy like that.

I digress. I wanted to do a post about my favourite "Beauty Youtuber's/Bloggers!" Back in August I learned of YouTube and more specifically UK Beauty Guru's [a bit late, I know, but i'd just moved back to London] and quickly became addicted. This is no way an exhaustive list but whenever one of these ladies upload a video and I don't have a chance to watch it there and then, I get really stressed out. That's how much I enjoy watching them.. Also - there's no hierarchy to this list, but... I have to name the first Youtuber I ever watched first I think, and that just so happens to be:
  • UglyFaceofBeauty - My first foray into YouTube was watching one of Gracie's videos, I believe it was a Swap Haul and [WARNING: this is going to sound stalkerish] but I literally could fall asleep to the sound of this girl talking. Something about her accent and the way she talks just soothes me. Plus she's fxcking & I find myself having respect for her, as she definitely commands it. She's got a really expressive face which is something I relate to as one look at my face and you will know if i'm happy/sad/angry/joking/going to kill you.
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup - I cannot even remember how I started watching Anna, but I think I first stumbled across her blog and then this segued into me watching her videos; again, continuing with the trend of soothing talkers - I could watch this girl for hours. Fact. I have done. I love watching her beauty hauls, I think her foundation obession is seriously justified and I am an avid watcher/reader. Thoroughly enjoy her vids.
  • BeautyCrush - I have the biggest girl crush on Sammi. I frequently LOL when I watch her videos, and she has enviable style, so much so that my own style has become more "daring" which I definitely have to attribute to watching her vids. She changes her hair up quite frequently which I enjoy as I change up my do every three months or so too [I wear full head weaves]. I subscribed after watching a few of her lookbooks which are amazing and so inspirational. I always feel like I need to go shopping after watching one. 
  • EssieButton - I found out about Estée's channel when ViviannaDoesMakeup tweeted about her bf tag. She's a fellow Canadian, and a fellow Londoner, and I really enjoy it when she gets annoyed at herself in her videos because it's highly entertaining. She also reminds me of one of my close friends from university, and I got serious envy when she blogged about her vacation back home to Canada. Soo jealz. 
  • ThePersianBabe - Again, can't remember how I found Barbara's channel, but I think I watched a haul video and I was intrigued. Love her androgonous/"grandpa"[as she calls it] style, and again - I need to thank her because watching her style her Chelsea boots encouraged me to buy a pair which I have now worn to death. Another thing I can't get over is that she's only 18. I look at photos of myself when I was 18 and... I cannot believe my mother let me out of the house looking like that. Awful, awful outfits. Barbara, however has impeccable style and always looks so put together. My 18-year-old self is seething. [And jealous]
  • BritPopPrincess - BritPopPrincess's videos makes me have serious closet and face envy. Great style, amazing taste and she's stunning -a dark chocolate lady like myself- and whenever I watch her videos I actually die. She's SO funny, like lololololololololol. I first watched Patricia when she did her 'Beyonce' video....I die. Dead. Hilarious. [I also pull out the Naija accent from time to time due to my hilarious extended family] I'm sitting here smiling as I think about how funny this girl is. Amazing. 
  • Pixi2woo - Tanya Burr, AKA make up encyclopedia. A well-known MUA on YouTube, everyone knows about her, but I just have to say that I would steal this girls face in a second if I could. She's so gorgeous, and...also has a really soothing voice. Iunno what it is about some peoples voices, but some people's talking can just make me feel so relaxed.
These are people whose vids I watch on a daily basis, and I am glad because if they didn't make videos I would be extremely bored and would probably spend my time watching horrible  amazing tv shows like Made In Chelsea. Hah. As if I watch that...nope.

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