Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beauty Trend: Naked Lower Lash Line

All over the bloggersphere, magazines, youtube videos etc there's been talk of London Fashion Week (obviously) as it just ended. I, like most commoners didn't get to any shows but I kept up my eyes peeled I'm just going to go ahead and call myself a trendsetter* because this trend is one that I've been rocking for a few weeks - most likely by chance, and 100% because I am too lazy in the mornings before work.

The naked lower lash line. I love it. It creates a really fresh, youthful, natural look, makes me think of picnics in the park and summertime, and plays up your eyes more because there's less going on. Less is more, people. So, like I said - I'd been opting for a naked lower lash line lately, and what should I happen to notice as a reoccuring makeup trend during LFW? 

LFW  @ Giles
LFW @ Peter Jensen
LFW @ Giles
My favourite look is definitely this one, featuring dewy-faced beauts at Giles. Even though it's from the AW12 show, I'll be recreating this in the summer. I just need to get my hands on some cream blushers!
LFW @ Pringle
LFW @ Nicole Farhi
LFW @ Richard Nicoll
Lea Michele - not a model, but on trend.
[images courtesy of Cosmopolitan UK, Company, & Pinterest]

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