Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Sephora Makeup Setting Mist

NB: My camera is crap. I'm getting an SLR soon!

This bad boy is the answer to long-lasting makeup. I bought this gem for around 11 euro's at Sephora in Paris - I went last December and I really wanted to get my hands on a setting spray. I hadn't heard of any amazing ones except model in a bottle, and after checking out the latter's website I decided it wasn't for me. So, with my limited knowledge of the French language, I searched the entire store until I found what I was looking for.

And I did :).

It's the Sephora brand "makeup setting mist," a "colorless makeup fixing mist." It's so legit. I mainly use it when I'm going out in the evening - because I believe that's a true test of its staying power. If it can keep my makeup in place and looking fresh when I'm tearing up the d-floor, it's a keeper. And it actually does! The product itself is pretty gross to use to be completely honest, because it smells and feels like hairspray; however, I'm OK with that because it does what it says on the tin. The blurb on the back reads: " invisible and comfortable film that fixes makeup application. Improves makeup hold and prevents colour from running." I'd agree with that description 100%. The instructions state "after makeup application, spray 12 inches from the face with your eyes closed. Let it dry naturally or blot with a tissue to speed dry," and that's sort of how I apply it, except I'm not sure if I do hold it 12 inches away as I just stick my arm out and turn the spray towards myself. The product does come out quite thick so it does feel pretty uncomfortable while spraying, which disappointed me at first because it's not very "mist" like. After about 30 seconds though it settles into your skin, with a dewy finish that is flawless. I wouldn't advise to blot it with a tissue as the instructions suggest, as that would definitely deposit makeup onto the tissue, thus being counter-productive.

Anyway...I really like it. I don't know what I'm going to use when I run out as Sephora doesn't exist in the UK...anyone have any good recommendations?

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