Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Must Haves - 5

  1. Spiced Cider Bootie by Modcloth. My trusty Chelsea boots died an early, untimely death a week ago and I need to replace them.
  2. Opaque tights, 50 denier. Simples.
  3. This dress from ASOS. Appropriate for work with a fitted blazer and some tights.
  4. Balmain Skirt by Antonioli. I was casually looking around Polyvore when I spotted this embossed leather skirt with white suede lace and swaroski detailing. It's a casual £4954. I can't help it -- I have expensive taste. 
  5. Michael Kors Fay Velvet Wedge. These paired with a maxi dress. Or skinny jeans and a t-shirt.  Bring on the summer!
I'm fairly sure i'll be doing a huge shopping spree soon, and these Monday Must Have posts are key for inspiration... :) xo


  1. ekkk I LOVE that dress from Asos! :) such a bargain as well!

    1. I know! I just can't decide what colour to get it in.

      Thanks for commenting!


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