Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blackberry Lens - 2

Sometimes you just don't feel like blogging, you know?
Aztec nails ~ Winners of work's pub quiz ~ Vanilla Lime Yankee candle 
Blurry outfit photog at work ~ Coffee & a cupcake ~ Kitty Kisses
My betch & I ~ Flowers from work ~ Sauteéd greens and salmon for dinner
 Celebrating my brother's birthday at Haagen Daaz ~ My niece ~ Bedroom decorations
George on my bed ~ Costco shopping ~ Friday nibbles at work
No more Haagen Dazs ~ The King of Falafel ~ More Broadway market treats
The view from News International's offices ~ Grey Goose ~ Nephew and niece 

 Sample business cards from Moo ~ Mid-morning tea ~ Wine and music at work
A mish-mash of food ~ work loves me ~ camera shy me


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