Sunday, April 22, 2012

Literature List 1

I'm a bit of a bookworm. When I was at university I studied English, so I had the opportunity to read a few titles in the classics canon. I was sad to realise that over the past year, I haven't read as much as I'd like. During university I was probably reading around two to three novels a week, although - to be fair - most of the time I was forcing the chapters down, trying to find paragraphs and quotes that backed up my thesis statements. Is it sad that I miss that?

For part of my 25 before 25 goal-setting, I've decided to create a list of books that I want to read - my own "Literature List" if you will. This will hopefully encourage me to read more (now that it's not mandatory) and finally get around to reading some novels that weren't on my course syllabi. I'm aiming to read at least one book a month, which seems like a lot of time!! but recently the only time I get to read is on the way to work :(

Below is the list for the next six months. Check it out here on my Pinterest board!

The Literature List - Part One
  1. Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
  2. Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstory
  3. Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding
  4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson
  5. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
  6. Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
NB: I'm currently reading the bolded title. 

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