Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Locks

For the last few years I've cut my hair at the beginning of summer. Some context for you: I've got a love-hate relationship with long and short hair.

Sometimes I love my hair long (but not too long because then I look like a horse), and sometimes I love my hair short. To combat my indecisiveness and attempt at having the best of both worlds, I usually wear my hair long during the winter months and short in the summah. It's getting close to that time and I need some inspiration for hairstyles. Obviously I headed to Pinterest, (check out my Hairspiration board here) but here's what I'm thinking for 2012...
There's a definite trend there...I'm clearly thinking shoulder length, middle part and wavy/textured. Pretty sure middle partings only look good on celebrities though, so I'm going to have to rethink that part! (Pun intended). In an ideal world, I'd have Zoe Saldana's hair. And face. And closet. So not too much to ask for, I don't think.

If you're twirling your locks (see what I did there) with any thoughts/opinions/comments, lemme know. Is this hairstyle legit? 


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