Thursday, April 19, 2012

Worry Walks Beside Me

My emotions have been all over the shop lately; I've been feeling a bit lost, a bit unsettled and a lot irritable. I am really impatient; I get set on something and then I need to do it and/or achieve it immediately or else I feel incompetent and worry that I won't achieve any of my goals. It's a problem.

I think it's a classic case of trying to run before I walk...I just want to do so much, and I set myself sometimes unrealistic targets. So, when things are a bit unclear or not exactly as I want them to be, it causes me extreme distress. Badbadbad.

In an attempt to put an end to this maladaptive behaviour, I'm making an effort to think positive and channel positive energy. My inherent sarkiness means I can't quite bring myself to read The Secret and take it seriously, but a daily dose of inspiration does seem to help.

My current musical therapist is Michael Kiwanuka. To me, he sounds like Jack Johnson, Otis Redding, John Mayer, and Sade in one incredibly theraputic and soulful mix.

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