Saturday, June 16, 2012

Burger & Lobster

This weekend I had but one thing in mind: I needed to rest, and I also needed to relax.
I find relaxation really hard to accomplish. When I think of relaxing, I conjure thoughts of bathtubs littered with candles; cosy socks and napping on the couch; back massages and smoked salmon sandwiches...ok, so clearly I need to book a spa weekend.

Currently, my "relaxation" time consists of sitting in bed, laptop on and catching up on TV or blogging, researching, or planning. Don't get me wrong - it's perfectly acceptable to do during a spare moment, but it's not really relaxing, is it?

Anyway, I'm happy to say I feel rested! It's Saturday evening and I have my butt glued to my bed; I'm not going out and I am unwavering in that decision. However, the main reason I have not moved from this position since circa 4pm this afternoon, is because I ate at Burger & Lobster. I'd heard so much about this place, so when my good friend Shola suggested we eat lunch in Mayfair I knew where we had to go.

Branded towelettes!
We rocked up around 1pm and there was queue outside the door. "This is how you know it's a good place" I said to a fairly apprehensive Shola. After being told there was a maximum one hours wait, we put down our name and stood at the bar whilst we waited for someone to leave. *Tip* do this instead of leaving and coming back - you can grab a seat at the bar within 20 minutes and then order some cocktails while waiting for a table. If you leave, you miss this opportunity! The cocktail list is impressive; they neglect to advertise the traditional cocktails [although bartenders are more than willing to whip you up a Long Island Ice Tea if you so wish] and instead have sumptuous cocktails like the Summer of Love - a refreshing and lethal mix of Finlandia mango, ruby grapes, passionfruit and sauvignon blanc. Yum.

Summer of Love - one of these and I was drunk. No lie.
Shola ordered me the 2lb lobster (for an additional £10, and so that he could have some too!) It was steamed and then grilled, served with garlic butter and sides of perfectly crispy fries and salad. The sides are UNLIMITED. This alone is reason enough to go there! I may or may not have indulged in the fact that we could order additional fries at no cost. Don't judge me.

Lobsters are either 1.5lb or 2lbs, and you can have your lobster steamed or grilled, or steamed and then finished off on the grill for extra taste. Alternatively, you can opt for a lobster roll - room temp shredded lobster with japanese mayonnaise in a (homemade), toasted brioche roll. Burgers are 10 ounces, cooked any way you like it, and come either plain, with cheese, or with cheese and bacon, and also come in a toasted brioche bun with sesame seeds on top. That's the "menu"(no physical menu exists), and each main course costs £20. Cocktails were £9 each, so a little pricey but definitely worth it because they don't skimp on the alcohol!

Burger. and Lobster.
I definitely want to head back here and try the lobster roll. Word on the street is, the first time you go you get the grilled lobster; second time you get the burger, and third time you get the lobster roll. I'm a pescatarian so no burger for me, but boy do I have my eye on that lobster roll. They currently don't accept reservations so be prepared to wait. Service is fast and friendly and the food is phenomenal. Unbeatable combo.

Image credit: Crump Eats


  1. O m g that looks so good! I need to go there!


    1. Do it! And go on a empty you can fill it up with lobster and fries :)! x

  2. The cocktail looks DELICIOUS!!! I've never had lobster before, but your plate does look pretty amazing.

    1. The cocktail was so good, and it was seriously leathal. I'd never had lobster before either -- it's a pretty fishy/fragrant fish so if you're not a fan of "fishy fish" I'd be cautious lol. x

  3. that looks so delicious! Lobster is one of my favorites! Your blog is adorable i love it!

    1. It was a great lunch. Thanks for the blog love! x


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