Monday, July 16, 2012

Brick Lane

On Sunday, I went to Brick Lane

with my friend Peter.
We were hungry, so we popped inside The Old Truman Brewery to find some lunch.
We wanted to try something we'd never had before...
I eventually settled on some Vietnamese food:
a delicious bowl of king prawn Pho.
We did some stall-shopping; (like window shopping, but at a market)
snapped some photos against an interesting background;
(Peter's much better at posing than I am)
stopped to get some treats at a French bakery stall; I had a delicious mini-Canelé.
We took our treats and wandered down Brick Lane further

and I went home with this YSL-inspired (read: knock-off) beauty!
It was a great way to spend a Sunday. Gotta get the most out of my weekends, they never seem to last very long! 


  1. Brick Lanes always a good time...Love the Knock-off YSL ring look the same! :)

    1. I saw it and I was like 'ummm I need to have that. Now.' Had to go and run to a cash machine to get cash out didn't I! x

  2. you're a lovely couple!!
    Follow my blog on , you're always the welcome!!
    kisses and thank you !!

    1. Haha he's a good friend of mine, we're not together :). I'll check out your blog! xx


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