Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lashings of lashes: Mascara Review

K so I just spent a casual hour trying to figure out why Polyvore's clipper tool isn't working and it still isn't working which means I won't be able to make this post look pretty. Annoying.


When it comes to making up my face, making my eyes a focal point is something that I really enjoy. If I'm having a bad skin day/week or my nose is looking awkward as per usual, then I can just put all the attention to my eyes with a few coats of mascara & eyeshadow. The easiest/best way for me to do this is by investing in a few tubes of that magic stuff (depending on the product) called mascara. I find mascara selection really stressful; out of all the make up frustrations I have, buying mascara that claims to do it all for it to only a) rip off your lashes (yep.) b) make your lashes clumpy or c) have a wand that makes your scared to use it (vibrating mascara wands anyone) can really make me distrust the brand. Thankfully, I have collected a few that actually do work meaning a trip to Boots for mascara doesn't have to happen for a while.

1) Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils - I got this from my mother as part of my birthday gift, and at first I was so thrilled. Anything YSL is a goody in my books; however, I am unfortunately unimpressed with this mascara. I tend to favour plastic, bristle-y brushes as I find the traditional fibre ones don't grip my lashes properly. This was the case with the Volume Effect Faux Cils - I think the consistency of the mascara is actually too thick for the brush and as a result the product is stuck between the bristles and doesn't get distributed properly. Moreover, I'm pretty sure this only works well on those lucky women who have stiletto-length lashes, as on my mere 'regular' length lashes they didn't really do much...well, they did make my lashes thicker, but not to the extent that it wowed me, and at £21 a pop this mascara is too expensive for me to repurchase without being totally blown away. Disappointing.

2) Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Cat Eyes - If Maybelline ever discontinue this product I will cry. And then I will head to their factory and steal an entire palette of them, because I love it that much. This mascara ticks all of the boxes for me: plastic, with a curved brush? Check. Nice consistency? Check. Affordable? Check. Gives me Sofia Vergara-esque lashes? Cheeeeccck. I lovelovelove this mascara. It honestly works so well; the first time I wore it a colleague of mine asked me if I had fake lashes on. Helloo winner! For a high street product, it works incredibly well, and I think the packaging kicks ass. It's not a luxurious as the YSL packaging, (obviously) but it definitely stands out from its competitors. The only thing I would say is that is smells kind of sketchy. And by sketchy, I mean it smells a bit like glue/cement...awkward.

3) Blink + Go's Long Lasting Black Mascara - I'd never heard of this brand until I received it in my December Glossy Box. It's a shame it's not a well-known beauty brand, as its mascara offering is pretty damn good. Its brush is a fibre + plastic combo, and it's got a sturdy wand that picks up a distributes the product efficiently. Great product, quirky brand, pluses all around.

4) Avon's Super Curlacious Mascara - I was given this mascara by my colleague at work who'd gotten it for free with her magazine. She handed it over because she isn't a fan of the plastic brush. I pretty much take any cosmetic freebie as I love finding out about new products, and boy am I glad I picked this one up. It's actually amazing - it separates, lengthens, lifts and curls my lashes. I know, right! It does all of the things it advertises!! Two coats of this on my lashes frame my almond shaped eyes perfectly, if I do say so myself ;). I find that Avon is one of those brands that people turn their noses up at (myself included) because it's often associated with Avon Representatives trying to get you to buy their products. However, this product does not disappoint; and, as I'd not heard any hype around it I had absolutely no expectations, which means that I was pleasantly surprised that it works as well as it does. Bonus! 

Which mascara's are you currently using? Do you have an all-time favourite?


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