Sunday, September 2, 2012

Train like a #Superhuman: Paralympics

I found the above image on this Facebook page (which I am loving). I have 6 weeks before I will be on the sunny beaches of Sydney and I want to look my best for my brother's wedding. I've become a little bit complacent with my workouts and diet since I decided to seriously shape up just over a year ago, and having successfully whipped myself into better shape over the past 9 months I've started to get lazy.

Time to get back on that clean eating horse! I never regret a workout and I always feel 10x better after I've done one, even if I'm having a bad day. I'll be working a lot next week and won't have the energy after work, so I need to get up and train in the mornings every day.

I'm watching the #Superhumans tomorrow morning at the Paralympics; I was kindly offered two tickets today so my housemate and I are going! No doubt after seeing the athletes perform I'll have all the motivation I need to stick to my clean eating. But just in case I need an extra push, I've found some excellent resources online :).

Sunday morning workout:

I'm so excited to see the Olympic village!

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